5-Bullet Monday #32 (17/08/2020)

written by Dan Silvestre

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On beating procrastination –
Just a quick reminder that you can enroll in Zero to Done for a few more days only. If you’re not happy with your productivity right now, Zero to Done will show you the way to completely transform your performance. If you’re a knowledge worker that wants to advance your career by working smart rather than working hard, this is for you. Learn more about it here.

On struggling at work –
Different week, same question (thanks for all the replies!)
What do you struggle with at work?
1. Dealing with email
2. Delegating work the right way
3. Meetings
4. Managing my time
5. Reviewing my work
6. Being laser-focused at work
7. Being a good leader
8. Building new skills
9. Creating effective routines
10. Automating work tasks
11. Creating systems and processes
12. Managing people the right way
13. Making good decisions
14. Developing great habits and breaking bad ones
15. Dealing with distractions from my phone, computer, etc.
16. Being effective while working from home/remotely
17. Making things simple at work
18. Being organized
19. Having too much to do in so little time
20. Procrastination
Hit reply and let me know 😉

On book summaries –
Thanks for sending suggestions for book summaries, I appreciate it. I added a few books into my reading list as well so that’s always nice. I’m thinking of blocking a few days to work only on creating new summaries from the books I’ve already finished (around 75). It takes a lot of work but I think it will be worth it (my already completed book summaries on this page here). I’m thinking of adding them into a Notion notebook so you can easily navigate and read. Thoughts? Hit reply and let me know.

On “Friday finds” –
Here’s a suggestion I got: send an email on Friday with the best content I found around the web. In this email, I would share the best content I read on the web, book recommendations, songs and movies/shows I enjoyed, etc. So you would get an email from me on Monday – this one – and then recommendations every Friday on a different email. What do you think? Hit reply to let me know 😉

On bookmarks and reading online – 
I’m really happy with the number of people that replied to last week’s “problem” about reading online. Many of these went into detail on setups and got very nerdy very fast (which I love). I’m still testing different ways to do this but seems to me most people enjoy using Notion for this purpose. I’ll keep working on a system and will probably end up posting an article with my final system. If you do have suggestions in the meantime, feel free to reply to this email. I do appreciate all the help!

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P.s. in case you missed it, here’s the link to Zero to Done

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