Do you know which procrastination personality controls you?

If you discovered how to beat your evil twin, how much more organized and in control could you be?

Hey, I'm Dan Silvestre!

I’m a productivity coach ready to help another 10.000 men and women across the world work less, achieve more, and live fulfilling, abundant lives without distractions, fear, or procrastination getting in the way.

I’m the author of Zero to Done, ​Zettelkasten in Roam, and Building a Brain OS, among others.

More than 1 million people have read my blog. I’m also a Top Writer on Medium. My videos on YouTube have been watched more than 100.000 times.

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Nice Things People Say About My Content

Björk Gundesmontir
Thanks for all your notes on books and your tips for productivity, they helped me a lot get back on track in my job as after reducing my working hours I was really struggling, but now it's much better.
Max Bernstein
This was a very actionable and easy-to-understand class. Not much "fluff". Gets right to the point and gives you exactly what you signed up for.
Adam Nowak
I read your newsletter every week and I'm really amazed by how much signal you provide (it's not a marketing noise, it's pure content and I love it)!
Ashish Mukharji
Love your stuff, and just recommended it to several colleagues at Berkeley.
Jean Soo
I've been following your blog and YouTube videos for a while now and I really love your content! It's always straight to the point and so informative at the same time.
Jonathan Levy
I'm new to your content - actually I just started at a new company, and had to move from Outlook to Gmail, and with it had to work out how to transition my well worn productivity hacks. Our Chief of Staff pointed me to your page.
Julian Alvarez
Zero To Done is absolutely incredible, thank you so much for creating something so valuable!
Pam Mark Hall
Many of the books you’ve read and summarized are books that I’ve wanted to read. You have saved me much time and money. I am grateful to benefit from your work.
Tim Andersen
This is the only newsletter I subscribe to that I actually look forward to. This has been dense information and useful for productivity nerds like myself.