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Testimonials for 5-Bullet Monday

Love your stuff, and just recommended it to several colleagues at Berkeley.
Ashish Mukharji
This is the only newsletter I subscribe to that I actually look forward to. This has been dense information and useful for productivity nerds like myself
Tim Andersen
Your email is like a light but nutritious meal: arrives on schedule, always something really good in it, I can ask for more or even the recipe.
Leslie Divoll
I’ve been enjoying your 5-Bullet Mondays for a few months now and I have to say I feel like it just sets me up for the week! It’s like a little capsule of motivation.
Patience Kanda
I wanted to reach out and mention that I’ve been loving the content coming from your blog these past few weeks. I can appreciate great content when I see it. It's very insightful and relatable. Thank You!
Kelvin Muchangi
Thanks for all your notes on books and your tips for productivity, they helped me a lot get back on track in my job as after reducing my working hours I was really struggling, but now it's much better.
Björk Gundesmontir

More Testimonials for 5-Bullet Monday

You give such value with almost every line.
Joan McManus
Love your stuff, thanks for sharing.
George Argyriou
Love your content!
Claudia Mangeac
I liked the new format for your Newsletter!!! A big fan of your work!!!
Pramod Keshav
I like your weekly email very much!
Adam Nowak