5-Bullet Monday #51 (28/12/2020)

written by Dan Silvestre

Happy Monday!

This week I published:

Fear of Failure and Procrastination: 8 Reasons You’re Sabotaging Action
Is it possible that fear leads to procrastination?

How can you overcome that fear without a master’s in psychology?

All you need to do is recognize the causes.

The moment you detect these patterns on yourself, you expose fear, which cancels it.

Hooked by Nir Eyal: Summary and Notes
Hooked by Nir Eyal is a book that explains how tech companies get people to use their products repeatedly.

User habits are explained by the Hook Model which consists of four looping cycles: trigger, action, variable reward, and investment.

An excellent book that explains user behavior towards technological products and services.

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It’s the end of the year. Time for a “best of the best” list of the content that resonated the most this year 😉

The top 5 videos:

  1. The Scientific Way to Build Good Habits in 4 Easy Steps (Atomic Habits by James Clear)
  2. Deep Work by Cal Newport: Summary and Key Lessons
  3. How to Make Change Easier and Effective – Switch by Chip and Dan Heath: Summary and Key Lessons
  4. How to Design Your Life to Focus on the Most Important Things (Essentialism by Greg McKeown)
  5. How to Effectively Manage Your Time and Get More Done: 7 Useful Techniques

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The top 10 articles:

  1. Time Blocking: How to Get The Most Out of Your Schedule
  2. Color Code Your Calendar, Already
  3. How to Stop Procrastinating: 7 Simple Ways to Just Get Started
  4. How to Plan Your Day: Taking Control of Your Time (With Examples)
  5. How to Stay Organized At Work (In Just 3 Easy Steps)
  6. The Weekly Review: How to Rein in The Chaos in Your Life
  7. 41 Productivity Quotes That Will Make You More Effective
  8. 10 Time Wasters You Need to Avoid for Improved Productivity
  9. 4 Deep Work Strategies: Do You Know the Best One for You?
  10. 13 Effective Time Management Strategies for Ultimate Focus

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Right, on to the Medley 😉

Here is your weekly dose of “5-Bullet Monday,” a list of what I’m pondering and exploring.

What I’m setting up—
I’ve put the finishing touches on my system review this year and plan your next year.

I’m putting everything in book form with templates you can use to make 2021 your best year ever. I’m also thinking of recording a video with advanced strategies for execution since this is the step most people struggle with.

Keep an eye on your inbox in the next few days 😉

What I’m celebrating—
This is edition #50 of this newsletter! I’m super happy about this milestone.

In the last few years, I tried to be consistent in delivering a newsletter. But it was simply too much work and I missed more “editions” than I care to admit.

But now here we are, 50 consecutive editions later.

The trick?

Turn this newsletter into something easy (for me). The trick is the format. 5 things. Only 5 things each week. That sounds doable, right?

This is something I talked about in How to Be Consistent: The Skill You Need to Master Anything in Life. Here’s a passage:

“Choose easy actions. Big goal, small actions. (…) First, you need to master consistency. You need to master showing up. 

The habit of consistency isn’t about grand gestures or quick results. It’s about incremental progress over a long period of time. It’s 1% for years.”

So I first focussed on mastering the art of showing up. And after a few editions, I start playing around with the format. Iterating based on your feedback.

And now? This newsletter takes around 1 hour to write and it’s one of the highlights of my week. I love writing it!

So remember this: Big goals, small actions 😉

What I’m reading—
Finished The Making of a Manager by Julie Zhuo. A great book if you want to learn more about managing a team. Practical lessons with lots of actionable takeaways.

I’m now reading Is This Anything? by Jerry Seinfeld. This was a Christmas gift from my parents (as well as Apropos of Nothing, an autobiography of Woody Allen).

I’m a big fan of Jerry and so this was the perfect gift. Funny enough, I listened to his excellent podcast episode on the Tim Ferriss Show on the train ride to my parent’s for Christmas.

And also this is an actual book, on paper. I normally read on my Kindle Paperwhite but it’s nice to read on paper from time to time. For example, I only read fiction on paper 😉

What I’m pondering—
This was a different Christmas. Not better, not worse, just different.

Normally, we’re around 10 people. This year, it was just me and my parents. Turned out to be a much quieter Christmas, with walks, board games, and playing snooker.

How was your Christmas? Hit reply and let me know.

What I’m building—
Want to level up your productivity game? The Productivity Vault has more than 300+ proven productivity tips. These are all the productivity hacks I’ve spent years collecting and testing.

The tips are divided into categories. Learn how to stop procrastinating, better manage your time, develop laser-focus, level up your email game, and a whole lot more.

You can do this research yourself. Do what I did and spend 2 years reading every piece of info I could find on productivity.

Or you can copy and use ALL of the same productivity tips I’ve used to get results faster and easier than trying to read and find them yourself. I’ve already done the research so you don’t have to. 

All you do is read my collection of the best productivity hacks, then apply what you’ve read.In a MINUTE, you can use and benefit from each performance-boosting hack. Everything that works with simple step-by-step instructions on how to apply to your work and life.

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Have a great week 😉


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