5-Bullet Monday #39 (05/10/2020)

written by Dan Silvestre

Happy Monday!

No new articles this week.

Here is your weekly dose of “5-Bullet Monday,” a list of what I’m pondering and exploring.

On overwhelm —
Here’s a quick productivity hack when you feel overwhelmed by the number of things you need to do.

  1. First, write down all your tasks
  2. Then, choose the 5 most important and rank them
  3. Now, start with #1 and schedule a block into your calendar to work on it. Do the same for #2-#5

Now, you have scheduled the 5 most important things that you have to do. If you have additional time, you can also complete other tasks (it helps to also rank them). But even if you don’t, completing 5 important things is always a productive week. As a bonus, you’ll also feel calmer and in control. To read more about time-blocking, read my article on this technique.

What I’m reading —
I’m enjoying reading “The Now Habit” by Neil Fiore, about overcoming procrastination and enjoying guilt-free play. It has been on my reading list forever and the title always kinda put me off but I’m so happy I started. Very different from other procrastination books that offer the same advice, “The Now Habit” is based on hard science and psychology. Summary to follow soon. What’s the best book/talk/podcast/article you read on procrastination? Hit reply and let me know.

What I’m watching —
I’m very happy that I discovered this channel from Jane and Ann Esselstyn. Jane is the daughter of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn (Ann is the wife), a Cardiologist that appears in multiple documentaries about nutrition. In the channel, they share recipes from their book “The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook“. Apart from great plant-based recipes, they are really funny. Highly recommended.

On podcasts —
For the very first time, I was a guest on a podcast (I’ll share the link here when it’s live). I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I’m considering doing some more interviews. What are your favorite podcasts and why? Hit reply and let me know.

300 + productivity hacks —
Added new hacks to the Productivity Vault. These are all the productivity hacks I’ve spent years collecting and testing. Everything that works with simple step-by-step instructions on how to apply to your work and life. Want to get access to this database with 300+ proven productivity hacks? Get immediate access by clicking here.

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