5-Bullet Monday #29 (27/07/2020)

written by Dan Silvestre


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On how to improve focus –
I get a lot of emails asking the following question: “How can I improve focus and work/study for a longer period of time?” Here is my answer.

On the best productivity hacks – 
Get access to my Productivity Vault, where I share 300+ short and actionable productivity hacks that you can apply right now (in 1 minute or less) and achieve your goals, better manage your time, and achieve laser-focus.

On Steve Jobs productivity –
In less than 40 years in business, he revolutionized 6(!) different industries — personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, computing, digital publishing. Now, Jobs was obviously a smarter than average individual with enormous creativity, ambition, and drive. But I think that us–mere mortals–can incorporate some of his productivity secrets into our daily lives. 

On book summaries –
The Goal by Eliyahu Goldratt will fundamentally change the way you think about business and operations. A great book to learn how to properly analyze and optimize systems. Here’s my summary.

On automating tasks –
I loved this xkcd strip “How long can you work on making a routine task more efficient before you’re spending more time than you save?”

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