5-Bullet Monday #28 (20/07/2020)

written by Dan Silvestre


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On time management –
Adopting good time management techniques in your life isn’t about squeezing as many tasks as you can into your day. It’s about simplifying how you work, getting things done faster, and doing things better. In this post, I share my favorite time management techniques. 

On the best productivity hacks – 
Get access to my Productivity Vault, where I share 300+ short and actionable productivity hacks that you can apply right now (in 1 minute or less) and achieve your goals, better manage your time, and achieve laser-focus.

On having great ideas –
Here’s something I tweeted a while back that I think about from time to time: “Don’t edit your ideas when brainstorming. Your only job is to come up with as many ideas as possible. Knowing which idea is incredible only comes later. Writing an essay is identical. First, write. Then, edit.”

On book summaries –
In Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, Malcolm Gladwell proposes that our brain is like a computer that processes all the knowledge instantly to give the first impression. “Thin-slicing” allows us to make decisions quickly that can as good as those made cautiously and deliberately. This technique can be learned through practice and controlled to the point when you know you can trust your instincts or not. Here’s my summary.

On podcasts –
I enjoyed this episode of the Tim Ferriss Show with Hugh Jackman. Great conversation and some great hacks on life and work. What podcasts do you enjoy listening to? Hit reply and let me know. I reply to every single email.

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