5-Bullet Monday #24 (22/06/2020)

written by Dan Silvestre


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On building systems –
No new articles this week (I’m focused on the course) so here’s one from the archives: How to Build Your Own Productivity System. In this post, I cover how you can build your own productivity system in 5 simple steps.

On the best productivity hacks – 
I spent 2 years researching, testing, and documenting the “best of the best” productivity hacks. The result? My Productivity Vault, which contains 300+ short and actionable productivity hacks that you can apply right now (in 1 minute or less). Achieve your goals, prioritize your time, and focus better.

On Instagram –
If you haven’t already, you can follow this blog’s Instagram here. 😉 I share lessons on productivity and performance in an easy and digestible format. I’ll also be creating short videos with one key idea that can revolutionize the way you work. If that’s something you’d be interested in, you can follow me here.

On book summaries – 
One from the archives: “Amusing Ourselves to Death” by Neil Postman. You can find my summary here. It shows how the most popular media of a time in history shapes the discourse of the world. Written in 1985, it focuses on how television has negatively affected the level of public communication in contemporary America but it’s even more relevant today in the internet era.

On having great ideas –
Here’s something I shared on my Twitter this week about coming up with great ideas: “To get better ideas, you need to come up with lots of ideas. Creativity is a muscle. To train it, write down 10 ideas per day on a topic. First day: “What are 10 topics that I want to think about?” Then, write 10 ideas for each topic for the next 10 days.”  What’s your process for having great ideas? Hit reply and let me know 😉 I also talked about how to get things done and the power of anti-goals.

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