How To Block Websites on Chrome: 4 Ways To Be More Productive On the Internet

written by Dan Silvestre
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how to block websites on chrome

Learning how to block websites on Chrome is more than keeping kids under control.

It’s about protecting your productivity

The internet is chaotic and alluring. Your browser doesn’t have to be – not with these tools.

We’re going to keep you out of websites that waste time. We can also stop a toddler from buying a jetski on eBay, if you like.

Blocking a website on Chrome lets you cut access to it, for whatever reason. It also lets the rest of the internet work just fine.

I’m going to show you how for desktop, iPhone, and Android devices. 

I’ll also show you some ways that I block websites to be extra productive.

First up, blocking websites on desktop Chrome.

How to Block Websites on Chrome: BlockSite Browser Extension for macOS and Windows

This solution uses a browser extension. These are like apps that give your browser extra functions. 

In this case, BlockSite lets you block websites from being opened. This extension is super popular, and for good reason:

It’s easy to install, and it works.

Follow these steps to set it up:

First, Install BlockSite (Click “Add to Chrome”). You will see it works when an orange shield icon appears at the end of your address bar.

Click ‘Agree’ on the permission screen that appears.

BlockSite will open automatically. You can also click the ‘Orange Shield Icon’ at the end of your address bar.

how to block websites on chrome blocksite open

Now, click the settings button (it looks like a little cog).

blocksite settings

Enter the address of any website you want to block in the text field, then hit your Enter key. 

I’ve blocked to demonstrate:

how to block websites on chrome blocksite block websites

At this point, you have successfully blocked a website. 

Enter as many websites as you like, and BlockSite won’t let you visit them.

Here’s what happens if I now try to open ‘’:

blocksite error page

And there’s another way to quickly block a website with BlockSite:

First, go to the website you want to block. Then, click the Orange Shield Icon.

Now, click on the red ‘Block this site’ button.

blocksite block this site

The website is now blocked. Easy, right?

There are a few extra steps I recommend.

There’s not much point blocking a website if you or someone else can unblock it with a couple of clicks. 

BlockSite allows you to set a password, which fixes this. 

Using BlockSite: Set a Password 

Open the BlockSite again, by clicking on the Orange Shield, and the setting button.

Click ‘Password Protection’ in the menu on the left side.

Choose which password protection options you would like.

blocksite password protection

This lets you select how you want the block to work. 

The top option stops anyone from altering your preferences and blocked site list. The second option lets you easily access websites with a password (if you’re keeping others out).

After choosing one, enter your email and a password. Click save and follow the prompts to confirm your details through email.

Setting a password lets you control what is and isn’t blocked. 

As a result, you’re defended against someone accessing blocked sites. It’s also an extra barrier in between you and distracting temptations.

Next up, you can have websites blocked for a given amount of time. This stops you from getting distracted, but lets you enjoy it when your work is done.

Blocking Websites on Chrome with BlockSite: Turn on ‘Work Mode’

With Work Mode, you block certain websites (i.e. distractions) during set times, but keep using them when you’re done.

Let’s block Facebook for my workday as an example.

First, click on ‘Work Mode’ in the settings menu.

Enter ‘’ (or other sites that distract your work).

block sites work mode

Click on the ‘Orange Shield Icon’ again. Select work mode.

Click the green ‘Get Started’ button.

blocksite work mode

Now, enter the amount of time you want the site blocked for (in minutes), and click ‘Start’.

By default, BlockSite gives you 25 minutes with a 5-minute break. This is exactly the period of one Pomodoro cycle.

A timer appears, to show you how much longer until the distracting site is unblocked.

There is a break feature that you can set, and the timer can be canceled – in case of an emergency.

Block Websites on Chrome with BlockSite: Allow BlockSite in Incognito Mode

  1. First, search ‘chrome://extensions’ in your address bar
  2. Scroll down to BlockSite and click ‘Details’
  3. Scroll down to ‘Allow in Incognito’ and click on the switch

There you go, websites blocked on Chrome browsers.

Before we move on to blocking sites on smartphones, I’ll show you how to unblock the sites we’ve just blocked.

How to Unblock Websites with BlockSite Extension

  1. Click the Orange Shield Icon, and click ‘Edit block site list’
  2. Click the red ‘minus’ icon

That’s it, done. 

Blocking websites on desktop computers is half the battle. BlockSite makes that easy.

There’s an alternative I also like, called StayFocusd. It’s suited to limiting your use of distracting websites.

It also has the power to completely stop distractions in their tracks, if that’s what you need.

How to Block Websites on Chrome: StayFocusd Browser Extension

Avoiding distractions is a big reason for using website blockers.

The StayFocusd extension lets you limit the amount of time distracting websites can be accessed in a day. You can set the days and times.

And there’s one feature I really like:

It’s called ‘the Nuclear Option’ and this is the reason I love this extension. It lets you block websites on Chrome without any way to cancel it.

But first, I’ll show you how to setup StayFocusd:

First, install the StayFocusd Chrome Extension

A new Blue Eye Icon will appear at the end of your address bar:

StayFocusd app

Click on the Blue Eye Icon, then click ‘Settings’ at the bottom of the pop-up window. Go into ‘Blocked Sites’ from the left side menu.

Type the website address you want to restrict access into the text field, then click ‘Add Blocked SItes’. It will appear in the list below:

StayFocusd block websites on chrome

You can remove a website from your restricted list by clicking the red ‘X’ next to the website name. 

Now, let’s customize when the app is running:

  1. Click ‘Max Time Allowed’ to set the total amount of time you want to be allowed to access your restricted sites per day. Enter the minutes in the box and click ‘Set’. This is a combined amount of time, not the amount each site has separately.
  2. Click ‘Active Days’ to set which days you want the restrictions to apply. Check the boxes for the days you want websites restricted for.
  3. Click ‘Active Hours’ to set the hours you want websites blocked between.
  4. Click ‘Daily Reset Time’ to set when you want the timer to reset. Enter the time and click ‘Set’.

OK, time for the big one…

How to Block Websites on Chrome With The Nuclear Option:

Once activated, the websites you have chosen to block can not be accessed in your Chrome browser.

It lasts for as long as you set, no matter what. 

No caving, no changing your mind.

Here’s how to activate it:

  1. Click ‘The Nuclear Option’ from the left side menu.
  2. Choose whether to apply the block to all websites, or selected sites only.
  3. Enter the time (in hours), and when to begin blocking the website.
  4. Click the ‘Nuke Em’ button.
  5. Click the ‘OK’ button to confirm (There’s no turning back after this).

All done. Websites blocked, and now you can focus. If you try and access a site you’ve blocked, you’ll see this:

StayFocusd nuclear option

I really like the versatility that this app gives, by blocking different sites, at different times, in different ways. 

In combination with BlockSite, you’ve now got a solid set of options to block websites in Chrome on your desktop.

I’ll show you a way to block websites on iOS next.

How to Block Websites on Chrome: iOS Content Settings

Blocking websites on Chrome with iOS is pretty simple. The function is built into the operating system.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the ‘Settings’ app and go into ‘Screen Time’
  2. Navigate to ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions’
  3. Make sure Content & Privacy restrictions are permitted, and open ‘Content Restrictions’
  4. Open ‘Web Content’
  5. Select ‘Limit Adult Websites’
  6. Tap ‘Add Website’ under ‘Never Allow’
  7. Enter the website you want to block in the text field, then press ‘done’

The website won’t open in Chrome now.

If you want to remove the block: Go back to the ‘Web Content’ preferences in ‘Content Restrictions’.

Press and swipe on the website and press ‘delete’.

Using the ‘Limit Adult Website’ preference will stop other sites. To allow access to them, either enter the website address into ‘Always Allow’.

Or: Attempt to open the website in Chrome, and press ‘Allow Website’.

How to Block Websites on Chrome: Android

  1. Open the ‘Play Store’ and install BlockSite
  2. Open the BlockSite app. Tap ‘Get Started’
  3. Click the ‘Enable Accessibility’ button, and find ‘BlockSite’ in the ‘Accessibility’ menu
  4. Tap the switch for ‘Use Service’
  5. Tap ‘Allow’ in the pop-up menu. The BlockSite app will now open
  6. In the BlockSite app, tap the ‘+’ button
  7. Enter the website (or app) you want to block. Or select websites to block from the suggested list
  8. Tap the green checkmark in the top right-hand corner to confirm blocking the website

Websites Blocked: Nice work

There you go. Every website blocked, on every device. 

Whether you’re blocking websites for yourself or others, this is a really good habit. 

Building disciplined and thoughtful about where time is spent makes your internet better. And now you know how.

Go and enjoy the peace of mind.

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