How to Be More Productive: The Ultimate Guide to Productivity

written by Dan Silvestre

I am constantly researching and learning how to be more productive. Ask any of my friends and they will confirm that I am indeed a productivity geek. 😉

And then I read daily about Productivity, Personal Development, Time and Energy Management, Optimization, Professional Growth, Minimalism, and Living a Happy Life…

The passion doesn’t end there: I run a productivity newsletter sharing the most awesome hacks I learn from my research (after testing them myself).

how to be more productive

I get excited talking about how to calculate productivity, or how to organize your fridge or your wardrobe. I can talk for hours about how to optimize your email and the coolest Gmail tricks you should use.

Even though I have a long way to go, I feel I am way more productive than before. Many things have contributed to this: I’ve simplified my life in many areas; I am constantly refocusing on the right things (or at least what I think are the right things); I read more than ever, which helps me expand my thinking; among many others.

So I decided to put down in words many of the lessons that I have learned throughout the years on how to be more productive. As the text grew longer and longer, I kept battling with the idea that maybe this should be a series of posts, all tied together under the idea of “how to be more productive”.

And that’s exactly what happened.

I’ve decided to call it “How to Be More Productive: The Ultimate Guide to Productivity” and it consists of 10 easily digested lessons. Each one is focused on a specific topic and how you can use specific productivity hacks to get more done.

I start from a “macro level” – an overview of your life, if you will – and go more and more into the “micro level” as the lessons progress. I felt this way the natural way of explaining things, but feel free to browse in whichever way works best for you.

Let’s get started.

Published Chapters (in suggested reading order)

1. An Increase in Productivity Will Mean More…

Discover your deepest why for the reason you want to be more productive. This is what’s going to fuel your flame to be more productive. The rest is easy. You will apply specific frameworks to your thinking and day-to-day life that will transform the way you work.

2. How to Set Priorities So You Can Focus on Your Goals

Learning how to set priorities is the first fundamental step to becoming more productive. When your focus is in doing the rights things (instead of doing things right), you become a productive machine that seems to be able to get everything done.

Planned Article Topics:

  • Decluttering Your Routine and Ruthless Prioritization
  • A Perfect To-Do List
  • Staying Focused – Pomodoro Technique
  • Getting the Routine Work Done
  • Easily Do the Things You Love
  • Staying Consistent
  • Using Your “Gap Time” Wisely
  • Wrapping Up—A Checklist

Thanks for reading!

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