5-Bullet Monday #13 (06/04/2020)

written by Dan Silvestre

Happy Monday!

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On using focus music for productivity –
One great way to maintain focus is to play music while working or studying. But how exactly does music affect the brain and which types of music are best for those who need the noise to focus?

On superhuman productivity – 
The collection of unique tips below are PROVEN to boost your focus and skyrocket your productivity… faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Ready to get to the “next level” in your job, career, or business by getting MORE done in LESS time? Get my Productivity Vault and level up your performance.

On managing your time –
Adopting good time management techniques in your life isn’t about squeezing as many tasks as you can into your day. It’s about simplifying how you work, getting things done fast, and doing things better. 

On simplifying –
Instagram started as a mobile web app that was in many ways similar to Foursquare: check in to locations, make plans (future check-ins), earn points for hanging out with friends, post pictures, and much more. At the time, it was called Burbn. 

On working from home –
Are you working remotely or telecommuting? What’s your biggest struggle right now? Are you adjusting to a new reality or have you always worked from home? What are some pro tips you’d recommend to other people working from home? Reply to this email and let me know. I reply to every single email.

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