Zero To Done

A world-beating system distilling decades of research & study in productivity into a timeless repeatable system.

Absorb the principles & rules tried and tested by the greats and apply it to your own life again and again. Watch your output multiply whilst you enjoy being in control of your life, destiny, and career.

Over 10 years of research and results in one place.

There’s no shame in wanting to get ahead, in work, life, and your career.

You know there’s something out there, you know the successful mastered something you quite don’t know yet, but in a world of noise & opinions how do you find who and what to follow? 

Invest in yourself and soak in decades of research, studies, best-selling books, rules, and principles all distilled down into a laser-focused, repeatable system, guaranteed to increase your output, relieve stress, and take back your feelings of control!

Don’t waste your greatest resource, time. 

Picture years of wasted money, figuring out, trail & erroring, hoping something sticks.


Take only the proven principles, rules, and golden nuggets from everything that’s been released in the high-achievement space over the past few decades and study it in just a few short hours, from Zero To Done’s potent, timeless productivity system.

bruce lee

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own”

— Bruce Lee

Why productivity?

We all struggle with time, focus and productivity.

In an increasingly stimulated world, attention-spans are only getting shorter, screen consumption is going up and we’re less productive than ever.

We’ve all had days where we felt ‘productive’ but how much work did we truly get accomplished? Did we tick off 10 boxes or did we get high-performance work done on the single project that truly mattered that day?

Willpower fails, motivation fades, discipline is not there everyday.

We need a system, something repeatable, something we can rely on that consistently brings in results, with each part working to complement and aid the next, preventing us from failure across the board.

“The only difference between a mob and a trained army is organization”—Calvin Coolidge

Popular areas such as ‘self-improvement’ and motivational speakers have gained merit and have good intentions, many of us, however, find speakers, books, and the ‘secrets of success’ all a bit overwhelming on where and how to start.

You could spend hundreds of hours on Youtube, reading books, going to seminars, starting from scratch to learn what’s effective or not.

But you want to produce now, you’re here to make your time more efficient and effective, you want to know what works and now!

Zero to Done distills everything there is to be learned and used down into one repeatable system for high output productivity.

Dan Silvestre

Productivity Writer, Medium Author, YouTuber, Coach.

Founder of The Productivity Vault, Content Creator, and Influencer.

So it may seem like I’ve always been able to have high-output easily right?

Not even close.

I’ve been able to consistently produce high-output work due to a reliable system that I’ve constantly tweaked and refined over many years.

But it wasn’t always this way.

Let’s go back a few years…

Like most, I had a real issue with work-life balance. I did what they tell you to do, to-do lists, plan your day in advance, sacrifice, motivational tapes, block out time and distractions. All that, I was committed!

Every day, every night I was overwhelmed, my to-do list never got completed, I’d start a task and then ask myself after 45-minutes ‘What have I actually got done?’, distractions came easier than the work itself, week to week progress was a blur and work would spill over into the evening hours and weekends.

I’d be thinking about what I didn’t get done that day when I should have been celebrating what I did or even just enjoying my evenings!

I was a motivated worker, I was looking to do more and achieve, I was in the business of helping people. But I knew I couldn’t go on, my output wasn’t great and it was beginning to take a toll on other areas of life.

This led me to commit 100%  to discover a way to get ruthless efficiency and take back control of my life.

I read every book I could get my hands on, studied the greats, listened to every podcast, every speaker, every interview, and threw everything I learned to the wall to see what stuck.

It was brutal, time and money consuming, but I didn’t mind, I was a man on a mission!

As my knowledge and education grew I decided the best way to learn was to teach!

My productivity blog was born and I steadily grew my subscribers whilst putting out newsletters on how my followers could achieve their own productivity and efficiency from everything I was learning and implementing. 

I asked for feedback, took calls with students, asked the pain-points of a wide range of professionals and industries on what they felt held their productivity back.

As time went on an idea inside of me grew and grew, I wanted to consume everything useful I could and distill it all down into one idea and have it be timeless and repeatable by everybody and anybody to achieve a higher output in the same or less time.

All of my reading, experience, knowledge, and results have finally come down to a finished product, an actionable, repeatable system that will take anybody’s output and increase it, time after time.

In Zero to Done, you’ll discover over a decade worth of research, cut down into the most efficient system on planet earth. We all get the same 24 hours, it’s how you use them. Claim yours back to spend your time how you want, on what you want.

I’ve condensed years of work from the following authors for you, taking what works and discarding what doesn’t.

  • Peter Drucker, author of “The Effective Executive”, and “Managing Oneself” (and many other productivity and management classics)
  • Stephen Covey, author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and “First Things First”
  • David Allen, author of “Getting Things Done”, “Making It All Work”, and “Ready for Anything”
  • Tim Ferriss, author of “The 4-Hour Workweek”, “Tools of Titans”, and “Tribe of Mentors”
  • Seth Godin, author of “Purple Cow”, “Tribes”, and “The Dip” (among many others)
  • Brian Tracy, author of “Eat That Frog”, “Million Dollar Habits”, and “Maximum Achievement” (and many others)
  • Gary Keller, author of “The One Thing”
  • Michael Hyatt, author of “Your Best Year Ever”, “Free to Focus”, and “Living Forward”
  • Daniel Pink, author of “Drive” and “When”
  • Brené Brown, author of “Daring Greatly” and “Dare to Lead”
  • Charles Duhigg, author of “Smarter, Faster, Better” and “The Power of Habit”


I’ve had the pleasure of networking with some fantastic individuals throughout the years through my blog and newsletter. We share tips, articles and I of course produce newsletters for them week in and week out.

Here is what people have to say about my work:

“Dan, Zero to Done is incredible! Thank you so much for the early access. I absolutely love how you pull concepts and principles from famous books and ideas i’ve heard of throughout the past and also concepts i’ve never even heard of! The handouts are amazing and there’s so many ideas in here that keep me focused and on track. I’ve never felt so clear and motivated!” – Patrice Harrison via

“Purchased Zero to Done for my outreach & sales team as I didn’t have the time to train them on everything I knew. The content in this is just ridiculous, covered every base I could have thought of myself and then some. Very impressive that it’s all a done-for-you system in one place. Great job.” – Harry Alnaimi, CEO of HGOMedia

“I was sinking under university, university work and holding down a part-time job. Luckily I found your content and began to consume your blog & newsletters. That was 9 months ago and next week I graduate with first-class honours and start my dream job in Engineering this fall! I just wanted to say thank you for making content Dan.” – Adam Lees

But what is the why? Why would we want to increase productivity?

  • Greater Time Efficiency – Spend more time doing the things you love by increasing your output under the same amount of time.
  • Simplify – Success comes from subtraction, not addition. Everything in the Zero to Done system is distilled down to its simplest form to help you achieve what you want to achieve.
  • Convenience – Save hours, weeks, even years of sieving through what works and doesn’t by getting decades of study, practice, and trial & error, distilled down into one timeless repeatable system
  • Take Control – You can’t wait for your boss to see your value, customers to love your business, motivation to come to start that project. Act now! Take control of your destiny and start producing at incredibly high output.
  • Greater Presence – By actually getting work done when you are supposed to be working, you are totally engaged and present with the task at hand. Leave the running narrative and past & future thoughts aside.
  • Increased Performance – Academics, professional work, business, skill-learning, and more. It doesn’t matter what you’re learning, practicing, or trying to produce. The Zero to Done system will increase your productivity and effectiveness for whatever the task at hand.
  • Optimize Your Day – We all feel a sense of accomplishment after a productive day, get more out of each hour, and achieve a higher output in the same amount of time each and every day.
  • Relieve Stress – Stress is caused by feeling like you cannot cope with what is demanded of you. Enjoy feelings of control, less stress, better time & energy management, and even improved sleep. Action removes doubt.

What Does Zero to Done Consist Of?

Zero to Done is broken into 4-parts specifically designed to help you ramp up your productivity, understand your motives, track your progress, and consistently evaluate and adjust course, all in one timeless, repeatable system.

Alongside worksheets, templates, and exercises you also get lifetime access to the course, in which new and remastered lessons are uploaded. My education is ongoing so even the system itself is continuously added to, improved and optimized!

The Zero to Done system course is broken down into 4-parts, but is so much more:

Part I: D is Define

Discover a new lens & alignment to look at your work through and never view your work the same again, discover your evergreen motivation and purpose.

  • Discover your ‘WHY’ on the most resonating level possible. From Simon Sinek’s best-seller ‘Start with why?’
  • Discover your ‘HOW’, the actions we must take to bring our why to life.
  • Decide your ‘WHATs’ to tangible manifest our WHY, decide the actions we must take each day to achieve our WHY.
  • Learn the difference between lead & lag measures and how they get you to your goals.
  • Identify where you are, where you want to be, and by when
  • Create a tailored plan suited to your personality style
  • Track your progress with a visual scoreboard and never lose sight of the mission or your progress again.

Part 2: O is Optimise

Not all work is created equal, learn the matrix and systems to ruthlessly and efficiently decide where to place your attention & efforts.

  • The theory of Deep Work: discover one of the most talked about skills and buzzwords of the 21st century.
  • The 4 modes of Deep Work (and which is suited to you)
  • How to eliminate distractions and hyper-focus on the most important task that day
  • Learn to time block like a pro and plan your day and week and track and improve as you go
  • Discover how to measure your time and manage it as a metric.
  • Identify your personal peak hours for productivity
  • Learn how to continuously stay focused, producing on the correct, important work
  • Learn how to identify your personal 20% of tasks that bring you 80% of your results and optimize using Pareto’s Principle.
  • How to physically induce focus when at the workplace
  • Learn how to identify time-holes and meaningless tasks before they arise and save hours in the workplace

Part 3: N is Navigate

With the motive, actions, and work laid out, now it’s time to learn how to automate, delegate, batch, shrink, and defend. Learn every trick, principle, and software that saves you time.

  • Learn 2021’s best software & rules to automate work and produce more.
  • How to automate time-wasting tasks to free time for important work
  • Multiply your output by learning to delegate your weaknesses
  • Discover how to batch work for increased productivity without changing the amount of time or work.
  • Studying Parkinson’s Law to get more done in half the time
  • How to defend your time from the external no matter what environment you are in
  • How to control and defend your time from external forces
  • Learn to continuously optimize to stay focused

Part 4: E is Evaluate

Compound your newfound productivity and output by continuously improving, learn how to audit yourself, time, week, and goals.

  • Learn a cutting edge system to accurately review your days
  • A practice that will double your previously measured productivity: the weekly review
  • How to master review a month and adjust the course going forward
  • Discover how to review and repeat the 4-part system over and over continuously optimizing.


Who is Zero to Done for?

Zero to Done is for anybody unsatisfied with their current output and/or lack of time because of work commitments.

Designed to help you get more done in less time and actually track your output and progress.

Zero to Done has been enjoyed by:

  • Entrepreneurs – Take control of the hectic schedule and hundreds of tasks and focus on what brings in income.
  • Office workers – More than double last month’s output and achieve your career goals without taking work home.
  • Authors – Writers block no more, get more words on paper than ever before and discover your best writing times & practices.
  • Team Leaders – Efficiency is the name of the game, get more out of yourself and team and multiply your results.
  • Knowledge Workers – Paid for what you know, decision making, or playing the orchestra? Focus your efforts and stop wasting time that could be used to produce.
  • People like you!